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Hi and welcome to our shop! We make all the jewelry using Sterling Silver, gold filled components, natural and lab created opals. Every piece is made with lots of love.

*** Natural opals ***

Natural opals are those which have not been treated or added to in any way by mankind, other than by cutting and polishing. Natural opals are usually described as light, dark/black, boulder, and matrix. Although boulder opal has an ironstone backing, it is regarded as a solid natural opal because this backing occurs naturally. The variety of natural opal is determined by the two characteristics of body tone and transparency.

Body Tone - The base tones of light, dark and black opal range from colorless, white, through the various shades of grey, to black.

Transparency - Opal of any body color will be opaque, translucent or transparent. When it is transparent or very translucent, and the color clarity is sharp, it is often referred to as crystal opal.

*** Black Opal is the most valued of Opals and comes mainly from Lightning Ridge. High quality stones are very rare. Easily distinguished by the blackness of the background "body tone" or body color.

Black/dark opal shows a play of color within or on a dark body tone, while the play of color of a black opal is within or on a black body tone, when viewed from the face up. It can be crystal or opaque.

Most black/dark opal is found in the mines around Lightning Ridge, NSW. Because of its relative scarcity compared to light and even boulder opal, it tends to be more expensive, given equivalent colors, clarity and patterns.

*** Light opal makes up the bulk of precious opal. White Opal may be transparent through to nearly opaque, although it usually has a "milky" appearance and has a light body tone or white body color.

Mainly mined at Coober Pedy and Mintabie, (South Australia) although the first deposits were found at White Cliffs (NSW).

*** Boulder is a variety of precious opal that has the host rock forming naturally as part of the gem. Often just a thin vein of precious opal is present. It mainly occurs in specific locations over a wide area of Western Queensland. Boulder opal occurs as in-fillings of cracks or voids usually in ironstone boulders. Boulder opal can be black or light depending on the appearance of the stone when viewed from the surface.

*** Doublet opal is a layer of precious light opal bonded to a black backing, simulating black opal.

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